Upcoming Theatre Auditions Hervey Bay

2 One Act Plays: The Crows of Darkmoor Common / Tracks

Performances over 3 weekends from 11-27 October 2024

More information to follow closer to the date

AUDITIONS will be held on Sunday 14 July, 2024 from 10am -2pm

Nevermore - the imaginary life and mysterious death of edgar allan poe - Musical at Z-PAC Theatre Hervey Bay

2 One Act Plays: The Crows of Darkmoor Common / Tracks

Tracks – Written by Peter Tarsi, Directed by Jonathan Canning

Ten strangers find themselves at a subway station, they have no idea of how they got there or where they are going…

Journey Beyond Life’s Last Station. Uncover the secrets, confront your past, and choose your platform – Heaven or Hell? The ultimate decision awaits as the train of fate arrives. All aboard for a gripping exploration of life, death, and the unknown.

The Crows of Darkmoor Common Directed by Jonathan Dunn

Welcome to Darkmoor, a comically dystopian world with steam punk vibes. In this odd 1860s setting, all words are banned for their ‘toxic effect’ on well-being. Amidst a diabolical plot to steal golden eggs from Ninja Nuns (Darkmoor Crows), an anti-hero and a heroine add romance to this unique theatrical nonsense. Get on board the express train to crazy-town in this all original, romp through the world of weird.

Auditions: Sunday 14 July, 2024 from 10am – 2pm

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for 2 One Act Plays: The Crows of Darkmoor Common / Tracks

More information on the roles, rehearsal schedule and what to expect will come shortly before the audition day – please check back later.

If you are interested in auditioning for a production, please have a look at the individual audition event for further details (roles, audition pieces, etc).

When auditioning for a production, please check the calendar to ensure you are available, not only for the show dates but also for the rehearsal dates.

By auditioning you are agreeing:


That you have read the Rehearsal Schedule and you have no current commitments which would cause you to miss rehearsals and are able to attend ALL performances


Anyone under the age of 16 has their Parent/guardian permission to be fully involved in the production


If successful, you will give full attention to the production and will accept the directions of the Direction team.


You are, or agree to becoming, a financial member of Z-PAC Theatre.


For productions with children in the cast, all cast members will be required to submit an application for a Blue Card (Note: There is no charge for this application)

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One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - Face off with Dr Spivy and Nurse Ratched


To submit a proposal for consideration for the following calendar year, simply: Download the form and return to Z-PAC with details of your idea.

Directors will be notified about submissions prior to the Season Launch Evening.