Volunteer at Z-Pac Theatre


Z-PAC Theatre is run entirely by volunteer members with a shared love of community and theatre. Firm friendships are formed as volunteers help to keep the theatre producing quality productions for the community to enjoy.

Email to sign up for a shift on our next show!



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There are many, many ways you can get involved, including:

Working on a production

Sprucing up the foyer

Serving drinks to patrons

Selling tickets

Building sets

Rehearsing lines

Sewing costumes

Setting up tech lights

or helping with many other jobs available!

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There are Executive Roles, Non-Executive Roles. The Executive Team is elected each year and perform their duties on a regular basis throughout the year. The Non-Executive roles are generally made up of volunteers who offer their services as they are able. There are no demands or expectations placed on volunteers. Z-PAC is happy to welcome volunteers in the capacity that they are able to help.

For your information, you can read about the different volunteer roles via this download. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the Z-PAC President by e-mail at . If you have a particular skill which you believe may be of value, please let us know.

Executive Roles

Executive roles in the theatre are selected by vote at the Annual General Meeting of the theatre. Nominations for these positions should be submitted to the current Secretary by email at , or by mail to Z-PAC Theatre, PO Box 120, Hervey Bay QLD 4655.