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Chook Chook/Snagged

2 short plays

24 November to 10 December 2023

Directed by Judith La Forest

Chook Chook is a very funny, satirical look at the various ways we can respond to the knowledge of confinement- political, emotional, traditional.

A story about some chickens in a shed but with a human moral issue. Battery hens Valmai, Crissy, Georgia and Bron refer to their cages as ‘compartments’ and eat the same food day after day, under the same continuous ‘sun’ (fluorescent light). Valmai, an older chook, tries to educate young ‘hormonal’ Crissy, explaining that “you just get on with things and don’t think of roosters or the outside world”. There is a surprising finale which is not to be  missed!

Snagged is a poignant, yet seriously funny story about coming of age, discovering who you are and, of course, vegetarian sausages!

Sam and her best mate Beth plan to head to Brisbane as soon as the last year of High School ends to start their new careers and cut a swathe through Brisbane’s eligible bachelors. That is until Sam meets Josh…