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Children of the Black Skirt

9-25 August, 2024

Written by Angela Belzien, directed by Katanee Draheim

This story takes place in a mythical, timeless Australian orphanage.​

Two orphan children, Old One and New One, are always wary of The Black Skirt (the cruel Governess who floats up and down the dormitory corridors, dangerously wielding her enormous scissors), and tell terrible tales of other poor lost children to escape the reality of their own lives.​

The play delves into the history of Australia through the   eyes of children, from convict times to early white occupation, to the vast era of the Stolen Generation to World War Two and beyond. These actors create a highly theatrical, physical and visually spectacular gothic fairytale, as they slip in and out of the perspectives of different characters to tell us the tales of children from Australia’s past.​

2 One Act Plays:

The Crows of Darkmoor Common / Tracks

11-27 October, 2024

Tracks – Written by Peter Tarsi,  Directed by Jonathan Canning

Ten strangers find themselves at a subway station, they have no idea of how they got there or where they are going…

Journey Beyond Life’s Last Station. Uncover the secrets, confront your past, and choose your platform – Heaven or Hell? The ultimate decision awaits as the train of fate arrives. All aboard for a gripping exploration of life, death, and the unknown.

The Crows of Darkmoor Common Directed by Jonathan Dunn

Welcome to Darkmoor, a comically dystopian world with steam punk vibes. In this odd 1860s setting, all words are banned for their ‘toxic effect’ on well-being. Amidst a diabolical plot to steal golden eggs from Ninja Nuns (Darkmoor Crows), an anti-hero and a heroine add romance to this unique theatrical nonsense. Get on board the express train to crazy-town in this all original, romp through the world of weird.

Auditions –  Sunday 14 July, 10am – 2pm

Pardon Me, Prime Minister

22 November – 8 December 2024

This play has nothing to do with the “Yes Minister” series it is a standalone very funny farce in its own right.

Imagine a government that wants to introduce strict budget measures on the country, not hard in today’s circumstances.

This is a government that wants to ban all outlets of enjoyment such as alcohol, gambling, clubs and those total dens of iniquity and vice….BINGO HALLS.

All is sailing smoothly until from left field comes a gorgeous lass claiming to be the PM’s daughter by an earlier liaison.

From then on chaos ensues including a nosy journalist and the real wife bustling around taking blood samples for a blood donor drive. Include the Chancellor’s female secretary having a tremendous crush on the PM’s male secretary and the so called daughter’s mum turning up and the plot thickens.

Then the end comes out OK with a very surprising turn to finish off.

Auditions –  Saturday 7 September 2024, 10am – 2pm

Object Permanence

21-22 December 2024

An exhilarating improvisation show; a spiritual successor to Z-PAC’s “Death in a Minute,” curated by director Jamie O’Neill.

Tailored for teenage and young adult performers, it’s a workshop where talents are honed through scenes suggested by the audience.

Each actor has a personal goal to achieve, adding depth to the performance. But here’s the twist: sporadically, random props and objects are introduced and seamlessly integrated into the narrative.

It’s a challenge where improvisers must justify their use, keeping the scene fluid and engaging.

Jamie, having been part of the original “Death in a Minute,” ensures the legacy lives on, offering a fresh take on this timeless art form.

Auditions –  Saturday 31 August 2024, 10am – 2pm